Learn about several types of e-hookahs or shisha pens

Shisha pens or e-hookahs are an digital vaping machine which comprise e-hookah cartridge full of liquid flavoured e-juice, a replaceable battery and a heating factor or atomizer. They’re fairly fashionable in the UK. Shisha pens are used to get pleasure from a lightweight smoke with an exquisite fruity odor. With out the detrimental results of tobacco and nicotine they’re fairly acceptable as a protected different among the many college students and youth.

There are types of shisha pens out there in Britain. Within the web, yow will discover many on-line retailers promoting totally different e-shishas. Earlier than ordering the proper one, it’s good to learn about them.


e-Hookah Pipes

e-hookah pipes appear like conventional hookahs. It has its originality within the historical Center East and Asian nations. As a substitute of the recent charcoal heated tobacco, it has a battery and a flavoured e-juice cartridge which replaces the charcoal odor with a candy perfume. You should use it like a traditional hookah, however when you energy it up, the e-liquid produces vapour which is inhaled by the pipe. The web shisha pen retailers give you to decide on prime quality e-hookah pipes.

e-hookah pens

These pens are totally different from the e-cigars although they resemble the traditional cigarettes and e-cigars. They’re transportable and disposable and you may throw them after utilizing. These hookah pens have a battery which heats up the coil and you may inhale the perfumed vapor immediately. In any UK shisha pen on-line store, you may get a variety of those sticks, every with totally different flavour.

Refillable e-hookah tanks

These hookah pens are identical to the traditional e-hookah pens, solely just a little greater, as they’ve a tank which will be full of e-juice as soon as it’s completed. The e-liquid comprises no nicotine which makes it fairly hygienic. InĀ UK shisha pen on-line store, a set of e-liquids is useful together with these tanks. Although it’s transportable, however not really easy to hold like an e-hookah pen.

e-Hookah Hose

That is the most recent expertise adopted by the e-hookah firms. It’s designed like the normal hookah with a hookah bowl in it and it’s positioned on the highest of the hookahs. These are fantastically embellished however are fairly huge and just a little troublesome to hold from place to position. However within the on-line shisha retailers, yow will discover smaller ones too.


Although shisha pens are of various varieties, however they normally work in the identical expertise. They’ve a battery, an atomizerPsychology Articles, and a chamber for e-liquid (also called e-juice). The battery of the non-disposable shisha pens are normally chargeable by USB. The e-juice comprises extra water and just a little quantity of flavoured liquid which is usually made of various herbs and likewise consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

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